Charbroilers, Explained!


charbroilerWhile we have talked about different types of restaurant ranges here at the restaurant blog, we haven’t discussed one of the most popular forms of preparing meats and other proteins, the charbroiler.  The charbroiler is closest to a griddle, in that food is cooked directly on its top.  However, this is where the similarities end.  They operate at high temperatures, usually upwards of 500 degrees, and feature a grilltop, which make them perfect for cooking steaks, fish, burgers, and anything else where grill marks are desired.  The food sits on top of the grill, with a heating element below cooking and giving it that delicious, seared look.

One has a few options to choose from when picking out the right charbroiler for a commercial kitchen.  The first most important thing to decide is whether or not it will be heated electrically or with gas.  There are also several sizes of charbroilers to choose from.  If room is limited and you don’t have to cook a ton of food at a time, a table top charbroiler may be the right choice for your business.  In a location with more volume and kitchen space, a floor model might be a better choice.  The last thing to decide is which kind of heating method you would prefer for your charbroiler.  The two most common options are a radiant heater or a lava rock.  The radiant underneath the grill, angled downward to prevent flair ups and make cleaning easy.  Lava rock, features a bed of fake stones the conduct the heat upwards.  This option is more difficult to clean but mimics the natural flare ups and delicious scents of a woodchip or charcoal grill.

In conclusion, a charbroiler is a great addition to any kitchen, allowing chefs to mimic the smoky flavors of outdoor grills.  Make sure, when purchasing a charbroiler, to talk to a certified equipment dealer to get the exact model you need for your business.  If there are any of other pieces of equipment you would like us to explain on the Restaurant Blog, please comment below, and don’t forget to subscribe for the latest in restaurant trends and news!

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