Buying An Icemachine


iceOpening a restaurant can be an overwhelming task, especially when it comes to building your kitchen.  For the first time business owner all the options and choices when it comes to equipment can be confusing.  Here at the Restaurant Blog, we are dedicated to helping you find the equipment that you need to make your business a success.  An essential part of almost any kitchen is a commercial ice-machine.  There are a variety of ice-machines that make a variety of types of ice, so how exactly is one to find the right model?

The first thing to figure out when you are purchasing an ice maker is whether or not you want a modular unit.  These units do not come with an ice bin, but are used with either a bin, soda machine, or dispenser.  Under counter ice machines and dispensers on the other hand are self-contained units that either sit under, or on top of a counter or are ideal for smaller applications.

The next thing you need to figure out is what kind of ice you need for your machine.  Manufacturers make ice machines to produce all sorts of ice for different applications.  The most common type of ice is cubed, it is larger and melts slowly while the other types of ice, nugget and flake style are softer and smaller in size.  Nugget ice is commonly used in health care setting because of how easy it is chew, but also works great in blended and frozen beverages.  Flake ice is most commonly in displays, like in the seafood section of the grocery store, or in a salad bar.

Once you’ve chosen the type of ice machine you need for your business you need to decide what kind of compressor you want for your ice machine, air, water, or remote cooled.  Air cooled units tend to the best most effective- but water and remote cooled units work well in environments where there are space and air circulation concerns.  Where ever your machine is installed you will need a water line and an electrician to wire the unit to the wall.

These are just the basics of choosing out an ice machine.  In our next post we’ll be going over some different brands of ice machines, so stay tuned!


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