Everest Refrigeration, Reviewed.


everestToday we are going to talk about Everest Refrigeration equipment.  Good refrigeration equipment is the cornerstone to a successful kitchen.  Whether you own a bar or a restaurant equipped with a full-service kitchen.  In the back of the house you will need refrigerators to store your ingredients.  Anyone who has ever worked in a kitchen will tell you that a broken refrigeration system can cost a business thousands of dollars in wasted and spoiled food.  In the front of the house, any bar will need coolers for bottles and cans of beer, along with equipment to keep your kegs cooled.  The latter pieces are especially important, as improperly cooled beer kegs will have too much head and taste bad.

There are some brands names that are familiar to those who may have bought restaurant equipment before.  Brands like True Refrigeration are industry standards used in establishments worldwide.  However, today we will be talking about Everest Refrigeration.  Even though Everest might not be quite as familiar of a name to consumer as some other brands, they remain highly competitive in terms of price and quality.  This California based company is often 30 or 40% more affordable than the industry leaders.  Along with this, they refrigerators are made out of quality material, often stainless steel.  They also come standard with many features that cost extra from other manufacturers, such as casters.

Along with the reasonable prices and exceptional features offered by Everest Refrigeration, they also offer fantastic customer support.  This includes a warranty on all equipment and a network of nationwide warehouse’s that makes it a simple task to get your equipment shipped to you, wherever you’re located.

So, when you’re buying equipment for your restaurant, whether it is refrigerators or ovens, make sure you are shopping around.  There are lots of great brands that compete with the popular manufacturers while offering a more personalized level of attention to your needs as a customer.  To find out more about Everest Refrigeration, reach out to an authorized dealer, like Restaurant Appliance Depot, and start saving on some quality kitchen equipment today!

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