Transform Your Eatery into an Entertainment Spectacle


open kitchen In 21st century America, dining in itself has become passé. No matter how outstanding your meals are, it probably isn’t enough to serve as the centerpiece of a night out for the well-traveled diner. More and more, customers expect an experience that will entertain them and be memorable. For many dining establishments, the ideal way to enhance their customers’ dining experience is with an open kitchen.

Your Open Kitchen Should Treat Your Customers to a Mesmerizing Show


Restaurants with kitchens in full view of their diners provide entertainment that is utterly engaging without the added expense. Diners enjoy observing chefs prepare their meals; they become enthralled by the immense energy and activity that goes into operating a first class restaurant. Foodies embrace the opportunity to witness culinary creation, while other diners are merely entertained by the hustle and bustle of a hectic kitchen.

Time magazine lauds open kitchens: “As diners grew obsessed with celebrity chefs and the creative ways fresh and exotic ingredients were being combined, consumers increasingly came to view the flames and steam and clattering in the kitchen as part of the “show” of dining out.”

An open kitchen will also strengthen your relationship with your clientele. Not only will customers appreciate the insights into how you prepare your delectable meals, but the removal of barriers between diners and food preparers invites dialogue.  This transparency and availability makes diners feel more at home and involved in the operation, rather than merely momentary visitors.

Finally, the dining experience itself is optimized.  By treating your customers to an open view, they see and smell what looks most appetizing.  This help customers work up an appetite and appreciate the coming meal.

Improve Your Operation


While there are added concerns with running an open kitchen establishment, if properly addressed, these concerns should only improve your business operation. For example, hygiene becomes a priority when in full view of the public, but this should help ensure that your employees are adhering to food safety regulations.

Another key concern is the aesthetics of your facility.  While you probably invested a large amount in your dining area, your kitchen may not be as visually appealing.  You may want to redo your kitchen, but for many eateries, it may be sufficient merely to upgrade your cooking equipment. Shining, new equipment may be enough to keep the attention of diners when in the hands of expert food preparers.

If you are unsure what kind of equipment would properly accent your eatery, you may wish to enlist the aid of longtime restaurant equipment vendors like Restaurant Appliance Depot, which has decades of experience outfitting all types of kitchens. As one of the industry’s kitchen equipment leasing leaders, Restaurant Appliance Depot has an extensive array of lease to own restaurant equipment, from the latest commercial range to a high performance undercounter ice machine.

If you are ready to transform your restaurant into an open kitchen, you will be taking the right step forward. By inviting customers to view and participate in the cooking experience, you are creating a powerful and compelling dining memory that will remain with them for some time to come.

To learn more about creating open kitchens, please contact Restaurant Appliance Depot at 1-888-534-6085

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