Restaurant Design for the Growing Business


Restaurant Design and an efficient kitchenRestaurant Design for a Growing Business

Kitchen design is an important part of any restaurant. This is because a well thought-out layout for the kitchen allows for a sensible and efficient delegation of labor, while also conserving energy and meeting health code guidelines.  All this means that a well-designed kitchen will reduce labor and operating costs, which can mean the difference between a successful or failed business.

Restaurant Design- Do you have an Efficient Kitchen?

When creating a restaurant design for your commercial kitchen it is important to take the size of your business into account: it must be equipped to handle the volume of food production called for by the size of your dining room.   Another factor in being able to produce dishes quickly and efficiently is having an ergonomic design, meaning that your kitchen is conducive to your cooks putting their plates together.  Finally, every kitchen must follow local and national health codes.  This means that the room that will serve as your kitchen is properly ventilated and easy to clean and sanitize.

The Components of an Efficient Kitchen

The components of any commercial kitchen are washing, storage, prep, and cooking.  A commercial dishwasher is essential for handling the number of dishes that a restaurant uses during a busy shift.  Clean and dirty dish tables as well as a three compartment sink are also necessary in the dish room. A storage area for clean plates and flatware that will be accessible to the kitchen staff is also vital to kitchen efficiency.  It is also important to have dry and cold storage areas that meet national and federal health and safety regulations. A food prep area gives you enough table space to portion ingredients for dishes and prepare sauces and dressings, making the preparation of dishes much more time efficient.  The cooking area, otherwise known as the line, should be laid out so the cooks have the tools they need (fryers, ovens, ranges, and griddles) accessible to them, meaning they can prepare food with minimal movement.

The Different Kind of Kitchen Designs

It is very important to design your kitchen in order to meet the specific needs of your business.  While there are a variety of ways you can put together your commercial there are a few basic restaurant designs that are commonly utilized in restaurants across the country. The assembly line is ideal for fast-food restaurants such as pizzerias and sandwich shops.  The equipment is laid out in a line, meaning the food is passed down from one end to other, which makes it ideal for businesses with a limited menu as well.  Convection ovens are a popular piece of equipment in assembly line kitchens.

Another popular option is the ergonomic kitchen.  In an ergonomic kitchen equipment is laid out so as to be efficient for the cooks to use.  The goal here is for the kitchen staff to minimize waste and movement in putting together their food, so that they are better able to handle preparing a variety of dishes in a high-volume setting.  In the ergonomic kitchen, for instance, the ranges and ovens might be placed directly next to the griddle, making it easier to combine proteins with the respective sauces needed for their dishes.

Financing Renovation

One solution to remodeling your kitchen at an affordable price is leasing.  Leasing-to-Own, otherwise known as a Capital Lease, is a great alternative for business owners who want to conserve their working capital.  This is because a Capital Lease allows business owners to claim the leased item on their taxes as an asset while they are still paying for it, and offers a bargain purchase price for lessees interested in owning the equipment when their term is up.  Alternative financing programs like Leasing-to-Own, are way that small business’ can spend less money upfront, while reaping the benefits of renovation and creating the Restaurant Design needed.

Restaurant Appliance Depot is one of the companies offering Lease-to-Own financing for restaurant equipment.  Their helpful customer service representatives are available twenty four hours a day to help you find the equipment you need for to grow your business.  They also have five tier approval system for their leases which will help you find the financing option that is right for your budget.  So take some time out to browse their online catalog at and start investing in your business.

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