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Pros and Cons of Capital Versus Operating Leases

In our previous two blogs entitled “Tax Deductions Greater than Lease Payments?” and “How Section 179 Benefits Restaurants that Lease Equipment,” we examined how restaurants can save money by taking advantage of tax deductions from depreciation, and how the Section 179 deduction can provide a boon for restaurants that lease commercial kitchen equipment. In this, […]

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Equipment Tax Depreciation Benefits

Tax Deductions Greater Than Lease Payments? In our March 20 blog entitled “The Startup Restaurant Business Question,” we explained in detail how leasing restaurant equipment can be “extremely beneficial” as a business decision.  Section 179 of the IRS tax code allows for potential tax deductions that oftentimes can be greater than actual lease payments. Given […]

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The Startup Restaurant Business Question

To Lease or Not to Lease? That is The Restaurant Startup Business Question A startup restaurant business is a risky endeavor. The initial costs for equipment can be overwhelming, especially when you’re concerned about cash flow and are faced with months before you begin to see business revenue. Yet, big purchases must be made; a […]

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