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Restaurant Hiring: A Guide.

As a former restaurant employee I can tell you without a doubt, that finding the right staff for your business is one of the most difficult parts of opening an eatery. Restaurant hiring is known to be a difficult task.  Restaurants are notorious for their high turnover rates, and this is probably due to the […]

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Opening a Restaurant!

Every year more new restaurants fail than succeed.  If you are thinking of opening your own restaurant, then you are probably aware that there a million aspects to getting your business off the ground.  You must find distributors and vendors for food, buy equipment and furniture, and build repeat customers through advertising and promotion.  However, […]

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Building Customer Loyalty

A struggle for any new restaurant is building a customer loyalty.  This is an incredibly important part of opening any new business.  Repeat customers and regulars are the cornerstone of any restaurants success.  Looking at the stats, even though regulars make up a small percentage of a business’ overall traffic, they spend more money, making […]

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